30 Small Things That Make Me Smile

Hello! I could use a smile, so I thought I’d share what I thought of!

1. Rainbow light coming from suncatchers on a sunny day.

2. The soft melody of wind chimes on a breezy day.

3. Walking past a fundraiser, and seeing it is incredibly busy!

4. Having so much fun and taking so many pictures, that I’m running out of film.

5. Waking up one day and deciding to go on a adventure, as random as it may be.

6. Passing bushes with blooming flowers.

7. Seeing somebody engrossed in your favorite book.

8. Dancing without a care in a world to a catchy song because you just needed to move!

9. Watching videos online of dogs and cats outsmarting their humans.

10. Hearing joyful squeals from a nearby playground.

11. The smell of freshly baked goods, whether baked by you or in a bakery.

12. A triple scoop waffle cone. Need I say more?

13. Being on vacation and exploring.

14. Seeing kids participate in making social and global change.

15. Seeing someone smiling to themself.

16. The giggles of a light hearted prank, like moving somebody’s glass behind a pitcher.

17. Realizing that every second somebody is born.

18. Looking at finances and seeing that the emergency fund has barely been touched, if at all.

19. Being with someone when it’s their first time going to a Disney Park.

20. Finding small bills or change where you don’t expect it!

21. Sitting and watching nature. Not taking part but just observing.

22. The soft fleece of a favorite hoodie.

23. Watching someone’s face light up and passionately talk about their newest love.

24. Learning something new.

25. The steady sound of raindrops on a window.

26. Receiving a handmade gift.

27. The happy doodles when you’re bored or focused on something else.

28. Making your hair look just the way you like, whether slick and smooth or just the right amount of tousled.

29. Snail mail that isn’t a bill or advertising.

30. Trying something new.

I hope some of these things made you smile as well!



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