Weekly Jams 3/24-3/31

A good playlist can make or break something, and boy, was my playlist good this week!

I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to a lot of things lately, using ambient noises for studying and audiobooks for cleaning my room instead of my normal tunes, but the rest of what I’ve been doing have been to the beat of these tunes!

Before you look at the songs and wonder what the hell are these very different styles doing on the same playlist, just know that I really love music and I’ll listen to just about anything!

Songs I Daydreamed To:

Grow As We Go -Ben Platt

Temporary Love-Ben Platt

(Okay I’m just going to insert that his album Sing To Me Instead came out on 3/29/19 and I’ve been jamming to it for the remainder of this week)

Songs I Jammed To:

Sucker -Jonas Brothers

I feel like my childhood is coming back because the Jonas Brothers are back together.

Songs That Made Me Feel Badass:

Friends On The Other Side(Disney Villains Mashup)- Thomas Sanders and friends

A Little Wicked-Valerie Broussard

Secret-Denmark + Winter

(This is a creepy cover of the original PLL theme song for the new spin off, and I love it)

That was this week’s playlist and like I said, not a lot of songs. I assure you, for future Weekly Jams posts, I’ll have a lot more and there’s probably going to be something for everyone, from showtunes to pop, covers to alternative!

I’ve linked a Spotify playlist containing all the songs I listed down below if you want to check them out and if you do, comment which song was your favorite and let’s talk about it!



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