30 Small Things That Make Me Smile

Hello! I could use a smile, so I thought I’d share what I thought of!

1. Rainbow light coming from suncatchers on a sunny day.

2. The soft melody of wind chimes on a breezy day.

3. Walking past a fundraiser, and seeing it is incredibly busy!

4. Having so much fun and taking so many pictures, that I’m running out of film.

5. Waking up one day and deciding to go on a adventure, as random as it may be.

6. Passing bushes with blooming flowers.

7. Seeing somebody engrossed in your favorite book.

8. Dancing without a care in a world to a catchy song because you just needed to move!

9. Watching videos online of dogs and cats outsmarting their humans.

10. Hearing joyful squeals from a nearby playground.

11. The smell of freshly baked goods, whether baked by you or in a bakery.

12. A triple scoop waffle cone. Need I say more?

13. Being on vacation and exploring.

14. Seeing kids participate in making social and global change.

15. Seeing someone smiling to themself.

16. The giggles of a light hearted prank, like moving somebody’s glass behind a pitcher.

17. Realizing that every second somebody is born.

18. Looking at finances and seeing that the emergency fund has barely been touched, if at all.

19. Being with someone when it’s their first time going to a Disney Park.

20. Finding small bills or change where you don’t expect it!

21. Sitting and watching nature. Not taking part but just observing.

22. The soft fleece of a favorite hoodie.

23. Watching someone’s face light up and passionately talk about their newest love.

24. Learning something new.

25. The steady sound of raindrops on a window.

26. Receiving a handmade gift.

27. The happy doodles when you’re bored or focused on something else.

28. Making your hair look just the way you like, whether slick and smooth or just the right amount of tousled.

29. Snail mail that isn’t a bill or advertising.

30. Trying something new.

I hope some of these things made you smile as well!



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Hello All!

Happy spring! I’m sorry I’ve not been active, my spoons have barely existed the last few weeks. Since I was away so long, I thought I’d give a little life update!

As spring has started, I’ve started doing yard work and soon will be planting my garden! I have mostly finished clearing the unwanted plants in the bed, like the stickler bush and vines, but I will have to work on bettering the soil and fertilizing it before I can actually plant!

As it’s May, that means finals and tests for people, and I am no exception! Although I will be doing some schooling over the summer, my ACT is next month and I’m prepping! Because of the possibility of me graduating in spring 2020, I also have to start figuring out college applications, my portfolios, and that fun stuff. *insert nervous laughter here*

I’ve seen Avengers: Endgame twice and yet I am still in denial. That is a 11 year chapter closed and I wasn’t ready!

However, Taylor Swift has released a new song with Brendon Urie from Pan!c At The Disco and yassssssssssssssss!!!!! It’s so good and I am absolutely LOVING all the clues and hints she’s giving us about TS7!!!

I think that’s about it for this little update! As the summer approaches, I have a lot of content I’m excited to make and I hope you will be too!



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Summer Style Wishlist

Every person wants to change up their wardrobe in the summer right? These are just a few items I would love to add to my wardrobe!

*Some links below are affiliate links, which means if you purchase through this link, I receive a small commission, no extra cost to you*




UO Lace Button-Down Shirt from Urban Outfitters

Ditsy Floral Zip Back Cami Dress from Shein

Lace Panel Tiered Seam Cami Dress from Shein

Button Front Ditsy Floral Tea Dress from Shein



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Weekly Jams (4/1-4/7)


Last week I shared some songs ooff my playlist of the week and I decided to do it again! Again, it’s mostly Sara Bareilles and Ben Platt but they just released new albums that literally are heaven so who can blame me?

Albums I Put On Repeat

Sing To Me Instead-Ben Platt

Ben Platt must be an angel because his voice is soothing and clear and powerful and the emotion he sings with just 😍😍😍😍

Amidst The Chaos-Sara Bareilles

Sara is a master lyricist and this album showcases that as well as highlighting her talented vocals and skill!

Songs I Wrote To

you should see me in a crown & ocean eyes-Billie Eilish

These songs are two different moods and yet they both capture scenes in my #WIP (work in progress) and fit my characters motivations with different relationships

Songs I Daydreamed To

Hypnotic-Zella Day

This song can fit so many moods and like the title, is captivating!

Tightrope & Theodosia Reprise-Sara Bareilles

So these are both covers of other’s songs and yet they are as beautiful as the original. Tightrope is from the remixed Greatest Showman album and Theodosia Reprise was Lin Manuel Miranda’s November Hamildrop, a series of songs from the finished musical that were remixed, or cut demos performed by popular artists. Theodosia Reprise is sad enough with Leslie Odom Jr. singing, but add Sara’s melancholically voice and haunting piano, I was sobbing.

That was my playlist for this past week and if you want to check songs out, I’ve linked a Spotify playlist below! If you listen or have listen to these songs, comment below so we can talk about them! You can also find me on Instagram and we can chat there!




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Weekly Jams 3/24-3/31

A good playlist can make or break something, and boy, was my playlist good this week!

I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to a lot of things lately, using ambient noises for studying and audiobooks for cleaning my room instead of my normal tunes, but the rest of what I’ve been doing have been to the beat of these tunes!

Before you look at the songs and wonder what the hell are these very different styles doing on the same playlist, just know that I really love music and I’ll listen to just about anything!

Songs I Daydreamed To:

Grow As We Go -Ben Platt

Temporary Love-Ben Platt

(Okay I’m just going to insert that his album Sing To Me Instead came out on 3/29/19 and I’ve been jamming to it for the remainder of this week)

Songs I Jammed To:

Sucker -Jonas Brothers

I feel like my childhood is coming back because the Jonas Brothers are back together.

Songs That Made Me Feel Badass:

Friends On The Other Side(Disney Villains Mashup)- Thomas Sanders and friends

A Little Wicked-Valerie Broussard

Secret-Denmark + Winter

(This is a creepy cover of the original PLL theme song for the new spin off, and I love it)

That was this week’s playlist and like I said, not a lot of songs. I assure you, for future Weekly Jams posts, I’ll have a lot more and there’s probably going to be something for everyone, from showtunes to pop, covers to alternative!

I’ve linked a Spotify playlist containing all the songs I listed down below if you want to check them out and if you do, comment which song was your favorite and let’s talk about it!



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Who Am I? Welcome to FabFitNerd!

Hello and welcome to FabFitNerd, where you will find all different things from my life with invisible disability!

My name is Jillian, and I’ve been chronically ill since I was a child. I love keeping up with lifestyle blogs and watching lifestyle channels and I’ve always wanted to join that world. I haven’t before this because I felt I didn’t have anything to offer, especially being disabled but this year, I am working towards loving myself despite everything so I decided to just go ahead and create FabFitNerd!

I will post fashion, disability, life, food, fitness, and anything I think is interesting really! I enjoy many things from books to writing to music to crafts to fashion and cooking! I hope you find joining my journey interesting and fun, and I can’t wait to start creating!

Signing off,


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